You know you’re a mom when you text friends about the hot new carpool cop.

Hey, the moms behind me in carpool line need to know these things.  This is big news when you spend every single afternoon staring at the same man for 20 minutes. It’s nice to mix it up a bit.

I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to entertain Darren (who goes to a different school and takes the bus) while waiting. And waiting. And waiting for Taylor. But today, I have an activity that will keep him busy for a full few minutes thanks to Box Play For Kids.
Check it.  These eco-friendly craft stickers turn old cardboard boxes, cartons and tubes into new toys that will stimulate Darren’s imagination and keep him from asking for the one millionth time why Taylor can’t ride the bus yet.
And now I’m off to do my hair and put on some gloss in case the new eye candy is back in carpool line. Wink, win, nudge, nudge.

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