You know it’s bad when the plumber remembers your house from the time he cleared out a box of wipes from your toilet.

Yeah, the wipes incident happened a few years ago.  And yes, he was at our house this morning armed with his tools and memories of the bathroom. I remember him saying something like, “I have never seen so many wipes in a toilet before.” So at least we hold that world record.,,  4th of July Flag Tunic & Capri Set, Jess Kidz, July 4th
4th of July Flag Tunic & Capri Set

In totally unrelated news, tomorrow is the 4th of July! And to celebrate, I’m showcasing some of my favorite patriotic items.

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Cute party invites from Erica Ashley Design
String 'n' things, etsy blog,, patriotic wreath, july 4th decor, fourth of july crafts for kids
Patriotic Wreath by String ‘N’ Things

You know what would be awesome? If I make my family dress in matching patriotic clothes, hold matching wreathes, while eating matching cookies. We  would become the coolest family in the world. Or the exact opposite. Have a great July 4th celebration, be safe and don’t stuff wipes in your toilet!

The talented cookie, etsy blog,, fourth of july food ideas, july 4th, july 4th food,  july 4th desserts
Yummy treats from The Talented Cookie

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