You give the girl a pillow and she sleeps an extra hour. Who knew?

I told you that throw pillows are magical. OK, I didn’t actually give my daughter a throw pillow to sleep with but she did sleep until 7:30 with a regular pillow. Tonight giving her 20 pillows with the hope that she’ll sleep until 9.

With pillows on the mind, I went on an etsy hunt for some new ones and stumbled across my adobe cottage.

I love the name Micah. Maybe I should have another baby and name it Micah. OR maybe I should just tell a friend to name her baby Micah. Yeah, much better plan.

And check out these pillow bookends. Can we all say clever? “CLEVER.”

By the way, I’ve worked out at the gym twice this week (bragging) and even though I didn’t lift one single weight, my arms hurt. Does this mean that I’m really, really out of shape or that I’m really, really in shape? I know, I ask the really thought provoking questions.

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