Yesterday in the car my five year old says my three year old and me, “I know how babies are made.”

After tightly gripping the steering wheel, quickly davening, breaking a sweat, and hail Mary(ing), I ask Darren “How do you think babies are made?”
Darren, “The mom swallows a small baby and it ends up in her belly.”
Me, “Yes Darren, that’s exactly how babies are made.”
Is this what I’m supposed to say? Anyone? Where is the freaking manual on this?!

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I think I’m going to ask Darren to write all further questions in this journal from Oh No Rachio so I can sneak into his room while he’s at school. That way I can prepare myself for what’s to come.

If that doesn’t work I’ll fill this awesome plate with cookies and tell him not to talk (or ask questions) with his mouth full. Problem solved!
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