Yesterday I tried to sell clothes at Platos Closet and was told they were all too ‘’mature”. So I flicked them off.

Kidding. I didn’t really do that. But I figured that I could make a few bucks trying to sell some clothes that used to be cool (or so I thought). Any thoughts 1Z1-871 of still being cool flew right out the window at the moment the lady told me that they were all too “mature”.

Oh no she didn’t.

Speaking of being mature, how many of you keep a balanced checkbook? Me either. But I do have a friend that does and requested I find her a checkbook holder. Since I do 212-055 everything people tell me to do, I found her some awesome ones.

I’m totally in love with these covers/wallets from Faith on Earth. Honestly anything made with Amy Butler fabric makes my heart go thumpthumpthump (that’s a good thing for those of your wondering).

All of this talk of checks and wallets has inspired me to organize my wallet. Yes, it’s fun being me.

6 thoughts on “Yesterday I tried to sell clothes at Platos Closet and was told they were all too ‘’mature”. So I flicked them off.”

  • I keep a balanced checkbook. I just printed out my statement and pulled out my register and got out my red pen and balanced it today. I am 37 and I am ooolllldd.

  • Hey! I just found your blog from…umm…I think it was Catalog Living’s Facebook. Anyway, there is a store called Clothes Menor that is a Plato’s Closet company and takes the clothes that are ‘mature’. Also known as Gap, some Old Navy, Loft, J. Crew etc. Clearly not old, but not skanky either. Just an FYI.

  • I found your blog from Catalog Living too! Your post reminded me of something my 6yo daughter said today. We were driving to school & a Plato’s Closet commercial came on. She listened & then asked if there really was a closet made of Play-Doh and if there was, she wanted to go play there. 🙂 Silly girl!

    Subscribing to your blog. I LOVE Etsy! 🙂

  • I also found you via Catalog Living and may begin stalking your blog!

    I had the same thing happen to me at Plato’s Closet and I felt totally ridiculous. Being in my 30s has been my favorite decade so far though, so I don’t care about Plato’s opinion!

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