Yesterday I drove home with no pants.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.
Here’s the situation, I leave work with zero time to spare in order to get my son off the bus. I also happen to work two blocks from where I have to park my car. 
As I exit the building yesterday, I’m greeted with possibly the worst rain storm I’ve seen in years. And I have no umbrella. Of course.
With no time to wait it out, I run through the streets of Atlanta to my car. Once I arrive, I’m literally soaking and shivering with no other option than to take off my pants.
Why you ask? I have no idea but it seemed logical at the time. 

Yes, I’m aware I have issues. And some really wet pants.

In summary, buy an umbrella from Paisley & PolkaDots or you’ll be stuck driving commando.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday I drove home with no pants.”

  • I went to Georgia Tech, and got caught in an Atlanta rainstorm at a similar time of year, on my way to class. A class that was 6 to 9 pm in a very very air conditioned building. So I stopped at the bookstore, bought myself sweatpants and a sweatshirt, changed in the bathroom, and showed up to class a few minutes late but much drier and warmer.

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