Why is it that my 4-year-old is either naked or dressed up from head-to-toe in super hero garb?

There’s no in between. Like at all. What’s up with that? Of course it makes for a lot of laughs and some awkward moments, but hey, he’s four. When else can you dress crazy or not at all?

Because Halloween is right around the corner and it always happens to be costume time in our home, I’m more than excited to feature ChickenHill today. This shop is great because it’s not one that charges a zillion billion dollars for costumes. ChickenHill sells the patterns and you make the costume yourself.

I feel so Martha Stewart just by thinking I may actually create something. Like helloooo, who wouldn’t want to create a hippie outfit?

And look at these bird wings. I mean seriously, is anything cuter?

I know, this jacket isn’t a costume, but it’s so darn cute that I had to share. Feel free to make it for Taylor. She would look adorbz in it. Just sayin’.

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