Why Does Everyone Dress Better Than Me?

So I’m finally feeling better. Thanks for all of your thoughts, concerns, cards and flowers. Kidding people. No one cared at all. Whatever.

Anyhooo, you know when you leave your house feeling somewhat confident about how you look – and then you go in public and see others who are actually put together and realize what a mess you are? Yeah, that happens to me a lot. Especially on the weekends.

This winter I’m pledging to look less like crap. I’m going to wear adorable casual wear from anna joyce design. I’m going to brush my hair. And hey, maybe I’ll even shower.

anna joyce design has the cutest clothes, pillows and other stuff I all of a sudden really, really need.

Hey look, now your clothes can match your couch. Well I guess you don’t have to, just giving you options.

And anyone who wants to secretly nominate me for What Not To Wear – I’m game.

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