When short people procreate…

When short people procreate…

Reader, friend and fellow funny gal sent an email last night demanding that I find her a cute growth chart for her daughter’s room. Of course I started laughing at the irony of this request – funny gal tops out at 4’11” and technically should probably still be in a booster seat at 37 years old. It’s not like she’s going to have a basketball star on her hands, but if it’s a growth chart she wants, that’s exactly what she’ll get.

etsystalkers.com; byrdie kids; growth charts; decorating a nursery; wall decals I also happen to know that she needs some help decorating the nursery (yes people, she’s challenged both in height and decisiveness – she’s a special one). So when I stumbled upon these growth chart decals from Byrdie Kids, I knew it was meant to be.Now she can decorate and chart lack of growth all at the same time. What whattt!

If you don’t need a growth chart, Byrdie Kids also sells other adorbz decals, like this one. Yes please. And Karen, sorry if I made fun of your height. It’s just because you’re one of my only friends that I can tower over.

Now go read Karen’s HILARIOUS BLOG so she feels better about her short self.

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