When I’m Wrong, I’m Wrong. Kidding, I’m Never Wrong.

My husband and I have been together almost 9 years (freaking long-term commitment over here) and for pretty much all of these years, he’s wanted a wind chime. Call me crazy, everyone else does, but I always thought they were annoying and intrusive. I even got annoyed when neighbors had them.

But, a couple of months ago, I gave in when I saw one that caught my eye. I don’t often admit I’m wrong, especially to the hubby, but I freaking love it. I love waiting for the wind to blow to hear the ching-ching-chings (that’s a sound, right)? And now I want more from Azure Fire. Whose the annoying neighbor now?

Oh and I am home with the stomach bug today – you should feel very sorry for me. The bright side being I lost 3 pounds in one night. Hellloooo silver lining.

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