When I walked by a police car this morning, the police dog started barking ferociously at me. Should I be concerned?

Seriously people, this really happened. And to make matters worse, the same thing occurred yesterday. Of course this made me super paranoid, which then made me walk faster, which then made me look super suspicious to the cop.

I have no idea why I’m paranoid. It’s not like I’m packing or selling or whatever the street lingo is for doing bad things these days.

Maybe the dog was hungry. Or possibly thirsty. To make things right between us, I’m thinking of bringing him a gift from Skate Dog Studios. I mean really, what police dog wouldn’t love a skate board dog bowl?

By the way, the police dog looked exactly the opposite of this not-so-bright-looking dog. Gawd I love me a dumb dog.

Do you think a gift would qualify as bribing a cop? I don’t want to go to jail. I’m thinking prisoners aren’t allowed to have Keratin treatments and eyebrow waxing. And no one needs to see me with curly hair and a unibrow. No one.

9 thoughts on “When I walked by a police car this morning, the police dog started barking ferociously at me. Should I be concerned?”

  • I had to laugh, not at your expense however…last year, I had to go to my daughter’s high school at the end of the year to pick up her migraine medication. I went to the clinic, signed it out, put it in my purse and walked out. No biggie, right??? Well, turns out that on that day there happened to be police officer, K-9 unit, parked by the front entrance to the school. I had my older daughter with me, she had just gotten home from college. The dog started barking something fierce the minute we walked out and would not stop. It finally dawned on the both of us when we reached my car that he was barking because he smelled my daughter’s meds (they are a narcotic!). We laughed so hard!!!

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