What up Easter. How you doing?

So our Heb-ster Egg hunt was successful. The kids hunted, gathered and ate obscene amounts of candy and then washed it down with Kosher-for-Passover muffins. Now that’s my kind of equal-opportunity Saturday.

Amazon.com; etsystalkers.com; Halcyon Oval Necklace (Smokey Geode and Gold Filled)

easter; etsy blog; frieda sophie; etsy; handmade jewelry

You know what else I like to do on Saturdays (hint, it’s not exercise)? It’s shopping. And while shopping, I found the prettiest jewelry of all time at Friedasophie Jewelry Design. Do you think I can convince the hubby that I deserve a Heb-ster present? No?

easter; etsy blog; frieda sophie; etsy; handmade jewelry

Amazon.com; etsystalkers.com; Rosena Sammi "Palace" Agatti Double Finger Aqua Geode Adjustable Rin

Hey, I may not be good at exercising consistently (or showering consistently for that matter), but hear this, I am good at sharing awesome Etsy finds. And you my imaginary internet friends, are welcome.

1 thought on “What up Easter. How you doing?”

  • I love hour blog! I am fascinated by your Etsy finds but far too lazy to troll for them myself. I missed out on my Hebster presents. I might have to run out and pick up something special as a consolation present. Happy Easter, Passover, Hebster.

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