Went to a “how to take control of your toddler seminar” today. Here’s what I learned…

I’m doing everything wrong. Yay. Pretty exciting to learn this now—when my youngest kid is two.

Fortunately I’m feeling pretty inspired and even put some of the new tips into practice this evening. I promise (fingers totally crossed) that my mind did not wander to etsy during the seminar. OK it did a little (thanks to my iPhone) and I stumbled upon Red Tile Studio.

Hey, 3.5 hours is a long time to sit in one place. This stalker has ants in her pants. Not literally. Gross.

In addition to awesome art for your home, Red Tile Studio also makes rad iPhone covers which are way cooler than the one I currently have. I’m sure no one noticed me playing with my bright yellow phone during the seminar. Right.

7 thoughts on “Went to a “how to take control of your toddler seminar” today. Here’s what I learned…”

  • Oh dear! You too? lol. I’m a Mum of two boys with a gap of 6 years. It’s not easy no matter how many you have or how different in age they are. In the early hours of this morning, my fiance and I woke up to the gorgeous giggling of our toddler in his bed! No, not a small short giggle, a big lively giggle… IN HIS SLEEP! That’s great reassurance I say. New follower, love your blog 🙂

  • I cling to the study that basically says, “in the battle of nature vs. nuture, nature wins every time.” I’m just hoping our genes combined nicely to form a descent adult or two.

  • Google Moms on Call – they are two pediatric nurses who you can hire to come to your house for a consultation when you have an infant (we did this for our first). They are amazing and I learned a lot today.

    In summary:
    (1) Follow through on consequences
    (2) Positive reinforcement

    Lot’s of other stuff and they are coming out with a new toddler book in April!

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