We totally went blueberry picking yesterday. How cute are we?

Seriously. We were like total Americana running through blueberry bushes and filling our buckets. Of course my son informed me afterward that he doesn’t like blueberries. Great.

In order to rid our home of 10 pounds of blueberries, I’ve decided to bring my super secret blueberry pie recipe out of hiding (and by hiding, I mean out of google – I don’t really have a recipe). And of course I’ll need to order a new pie plate from Leslie Freeman Designs because I’m not the type of gal that has one sitting around.

If the pie doesn’t convince my son to eat the blueberries, I’ll add a little a la mode. No one can resist the power of a little a la mode.

You now have about 8 hours left to ENTER THE GIVEAWAY. Feel free to procrastinate until 10PM EST, but after that, you’ll officially be a loser.

1 thought on “We totally went blueberry picking yesterday. How cute are we?”

  • Good luck with the pie! We have bushes in our backyard, but I never have enough for a pie as the family eats them before I can make one!

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