Wanna see the cutest baby room ever? No, I’m not prego.

Trust me. No more babies. But my super crafty coworker/friend/blogger over at The Nesting Game is due with her first bambino in just five short days and has created the most perfect place ever for her little boy or girl to sleep, eat, poop, burp, etc. But before she births, she’s sharing her awesome creation with me and you. So without further ado, I welcome Molly (future baby mama)…

6 days until my due date. It’s been a really short and a really long 39 weeks all at the same time. But the nursery is pretty much done until the baby gets here. Wanna check it out?
The crib skirt was a sewing project(!) that I made following this tutorial, more or less. I’ll do another post where I break down my method for ya. The crib sheet is from The Land of Nod and the beautiful handmade blanket was a shower gift.
The Ballard Designs rocker is so ridiculously comfortable. And here are two more sewing projects(!)—the pillow in the chair using Waverly Santa Maria Desert fabric and the ottoman slipcover using a fabric called Doodle from Lewis & Sheron. I have SINCE noticed that The Land of Nod is featuring both these fabrics in their new collection, but you saw it here first, folks!

(Do me a favor and pretend that pillow is scooted over to the left about 3 inches.) I really wanted to keep a double bed in the house. And considering we spent so freaking long stripping this one, it had to stay. So, we worked out a furniture arrangement that could accommodate all the elements we wanted in the room and we’ll see how it goes.

One caveat to the new arrangement was that there was no room for bedside lamps. Hence, sconces! I picked out the (now discontinued?) Weston Arc sconces from Pottery Barn but I got ‘em for $100 less on ebay, believe it or not! One of the shades has a little ding in it that is noticeable when the light is on, but I am trying to ignore that in exchange for $100.
The white star was the last thing I bought for the room. I knew I needed something for over the bed that wasn’t a rectangle and I wanted to keep it white. I went to Kudzu Antiques over Memorial Day weekend and there it was.
As for the other side of the bed, I borrowed a page from Jenny’s amazing playbook. We left a little walking room on the right side of the bed so that if 2 people did sleep in the bed, the wall person would not have to climb in and out over the other person. And since I like both sides of the bed to have some sort of nightstand, we painted 2 inexpensive corbels from Home Depot and a pre-made wooden plaque from Michael’s the same color as the wall (BM Hale Navy) and installed them.

Across from the bed and behind the door was just enough space for a shallow bookshelf. I have gotten so many fun books from friends, however Taylor wants no part in the pre-reading since there will be MANY readings and re-readings and re-readings in the future.

Above the bookcase I hung a print from the fantastic artist Emily McDowell that says, “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.” It’s attributed to Joan of Arc and I thought it was such a sweet and powerful inspiration for the little guy or gal as he or she starts off.

The last big project we took on was a new closet. The old one had just a rod and a single shelf, plus sliding doors. We went to The Container Store with our measurements and an hour later left with all the parts and pieces for an Elfa masterpiece. No clothes at the moment, since I’m not sure if I’m going to be buying dresses or jon-jons, but I am in awe of all the room and storage and now we cannot wait to do the same to our closet. We picked out a turquoise paint for the inside of the closet. It’s a little intense, but thankfully we also picked out new doors.

And while at The Container Store, it’s pretty much a law that you have to buy some cute containers.
Like the nightstand ledge, the dresser is another piece that we painted the same color as the walls. Because there’s a lot of furniture in the small space we just wanted it to fade back as much as possible. I do like the matte turquoise handles, though—I couldn’t have everything disappear. We kept the maple top of the dresser as-is and I bought the changing table topper in a similar shade. It’s also a Pottery Barn find via ebay. You can see the spiffy new, turquoise-paint-obscuring closet doors in the mirror.

A few more details for ya…

I had a custom boppy cover made from this etsy store. This was one sewing project I decided to outsource. The owner, Holly, was so nice and dealt with my fabric indecisiveness. And of course the little woodland creatures will vamoose once baby gets here.

My eagle eyed co-workers threw a sweet shower for me and decorated with these vases that match perfectly! (It was no accident, let me tell you.) AHEM. SHE’S TALKING ABOUT ME.

So that’s it! I mean, until it all begins… Baby that came with the frame, your days are numbered.

P.S. You can see the original nursery moodboard and some progress pics.

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