Ummm, something around me smells like BO. I hope it’s not me.

It could be me. I swear I showered today. Now I’m wondering if I remembered to use deodorant. I’ll just blame the smell on someone else.

One rule I have when it comes to laundry is I never ever buy clothes that require ironing. If they do, I send them off to the dry cleaner. I mean seriously, do people actually iron? Don’t answer that mom.

If you do happen to own an iron and perhaps an ironing board, first of all, I’m sorry. Second of all, you have to invest in one of these awesome covers from Compelled to Craft.

Hey lookie, it’s an ironing pad for your counter. Ummm, what’s an ironing pad for your counter? It sure is a good thing I’m pretty.

2 thoughts on “Ummm, something around me smells like BO. I hope it’s not me.”

  • I bought an ironing board cover from her and I LOVE it! Makes ironing more palatable. I got one in the print shown in the counter pad photo. So cheerful.

  • I’m one of the weird ones that love to iron….and the dry cleaning chemicals kind of scare me!!

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