Two weeks as a stay-at-home-mom = a one-way ticket to the Looney bin.

First I have to say ‘hats off’ to all of you stay at home moms out there. I literally don’t know how you do it. Why am I bringing this up? Because I had this grandiose idea that taking the last two weeks of summer off would be an amazing way to usher in the school year with the kids. In my mind: The kids would swim away the days and fall into bed at night happy and exhausted. In reality: It’s the end of the summer. The kids are sick of the pool. And they hate sleeping.   Birthday Printable Party, Frog Prince Paperie, etsy blog, In my mind: We’d set up a fun and profitable lemonade stand where we would learn the meaning of earning a dollar. In reality: I set up the stand and then I had to persuade the kids to sell the lemonade. At one point I resorted to showing some leg to get people to stop. Probably not the best lesson to teach my kids.
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In my mind: We’d finish summer reading off strong by reading the first Harry Potter book together. First I would read a page and then my son, etc. In reality: My son hid the book after the second day and now we can’t find it.     In my mind: The two weeks would fly by. In reality: I’m thinking of dropping my kids off at school 5 days early. So as the summer winds down, I realize that all of you moms that stay at home with your kids all summer are not only special but deserve to throw a kegger when you put your kids on the bus in the upcoming weeks. Please, please, please invite me.

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