‘Twas two nights before vacation and I can’t concentrate

I feel like a fat kid in an unmonitored self-serve candy store. For realz people. Why? Because after tomorrow I will be out of work until Jan. 3. I seriously haven’t had that much time off since, well, never.

I’m going to eat. I’m going to sleep. I’m going to shop. It’s going to be glorious. But I promise not to ignore you. Not that you really care.

While anxiously awaiting my time off, I came across these awesome prints from Red Bean Design. They’re modern. They’re affordable. And frankly, they’re easy on the eye (unlike my flubby belly after birthing two babies). Sorry, that’s a mental image no one needs on a Monday morning.

So get your mind off of ‘da belly and check out these perrrrty prints.

OK, off to daydream. Ahem, I mean work (in case you’re reading this Mr. Boss).

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