Today Is All About You People

So I’m curious (no, not bi-curious, just curious). What exactly are you looking for on etsy? A baby gift? A new mommy gift? Or possibly it’s a gift for that dude you’re stalking. I have no idea. You see, while I am super attractive, tall, skinny, fabulously stylish, and modest, I unfortunately do not have the ability to read minds.

So I need help. Can you help me? Pretty please with sugar on top? I guess it always does come back to me. Oh well.

Just leave a comment on what you’re looking for (or just general praises of yours truly), and I’ll dedicate a blog post to what you need.

10 thoughts on “Today Is All About You People”

  • LOL Julie! Tall! 😉
    I am always interested in jewelry, artwork & home accessories. Also- I’ve been looking for a new knit hat for the winter and my old reliable leeisula.etsy seems to have dropped off the knit planet…Help!

  • Always looking for cool, original, low cost art work to hang on the wall. I haven’t really ever found anything. But I’m always looking.

    Also, looking for something to hang above a crib that isn’t life endangering to a baby.

  • Oh, and jewelry with birthstones. Looking for something with mine, husbands and baby birthstone that isn’t tacky.

  • I don’t tend to look for any one thing, more than just being staggered by the pure creativity of the people there.

  • So are you sure you want to open up this can of worms:
    1) a unique birthday gift for my 4 year old neice, she already has everything.
    2) fun and different gifts for my kids teachers
    3) great, large artwork for my walls-specifically ones that come in a set of two or three, as the space is rather large.
    4) always could use some new accessories for myself, like a cute purse or some dangle earrings.

    Thanks etsystalker!

  • Tell me what in the h-e-double hockey sticks I can get my mother-in-law for Christmas. Love your blog and fabulous etsy finds 🙂

  • new to the blog and love it – I am looking for gifts to give everyone (women) in the office – 10 or so of the same thing – not too expensive…

  • How about a wedding gift for something that you work with and like (but not close enough to be invited to the wedding,) but you still feel like you’d like to get this person something?

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