Today for the Purim parade Taylor dressed up as a hot mess.

For those of you that don’t know, Purim is celebrated by giving gifts of food and drink to others, drinking wine, wearing costumes, and public celebration. In summary, it’s an excuse to get another wear out of Halloween costumes and for the parents to drink excessively.

Since we could only locate 3/4th of her froggie costume this morning (way to plan ahead), Taylor improvised and went for the hot mess meets crazy frog girl look. And to top off the look, she schlepped her frog pillow pet to school which may in fact weigh more than her.
Next time I’m going to plan ahead and purchase her Purim costume from Hunting Faeries. This way I only have to keep track of one item (which I’ll probably lose track of anyway). You can totally tell what character a kid is going for with one of these masks or hats. It’s too bad Hunting Faeries doesn’t make a hot mess mask. That would sell out fast.
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