To pee or not to pee, that is the million dollar question…

After spending New Years in North Carolina visiting friends, I found myself in that age old dilemma on the car ride home. I had to use the little girls room but my kids had just fallen asleep. Stopping car = waking children. Not good. Peeing in pants = not good.

With no perfect solution, I decided to just pee in my pants. I’m kidding people, we stopped and the kids woke up. Oh well.

Spending all that time thinking about going to the bathroom got me thinking about redecorating mine – which then led me to the awesome shower curtains from Elisabeth Michael.

Aren’t these pretty? And if you don’t shower, she also makes throw pillows.

But if you don’t shower, I would really consider making that one of your New Year’s resolutions because you really stink. Just saying.

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