‘Tis The Season To Be Comfy Cozy

I’m feeling cozy today. Maybe because it’s the first “I actually need to wear a sweater and possibly a light jacket” day here in the South. And nothing makes me feel cozier than a Venti cup of coffee. And nothing makes my Venti cup of coffee more comfy than having its own sweater from HandMaiden BC.

And yes, it’s a sweater – NOT sweater vest. Even my coffee doesn’t want to look dorky.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the holidays are rapidly approaching. Why not give your kids’ favorite teacher a sweater for her apple? She may be confused by it, but at least it’s not another bottle of scented lotion or bubble bath.

Hey look, now even my iPod can be cozy with a fashionable sweater from HandMaiden BC.

Etsy really does have everything. Next thing you know, I’ll be buying my computer a new pair of pants to wear.

1 thought on “‘Tis The Season To Be Comfy Cozy”

  • These are wonderful, Julie! I actually have two pairs of cup sweaters and they are really amazing! I’ve also seen crocheted laptop jackets and I absolutely want to buy them for Christmas! =)

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