In honor of Throw Back Thursday, I’ve decided to bring back one of my favorite posts of all time from April 3, 2012 (exactly two years ago today) and very appropriate as we approach Spring Break next week!

The hubby woke up frantic because he thought Darren missed the school bus. Ummm – we’re in the middle of spring break.

I do believe we have a new father-of-the-year nominee on our hands. Hey at least it’s not just me that gets confused easily. Between the two of us, we can get our kids to the right place, at the right time at a 95% success rate. Not too shabby if you ask me.

To remind the hubby that he’s not a complete failure in life, I’m going to cheer him up with one of these hilarious cards from Sad Shop. And I think I’ll ahead and buy some for myself as well (because you can never get enough Amazeballs cards in the mail.)


I’m dreaming of a beach vacation. I mean really, who isn’t?;; Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade
Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade;; Inflatable Beach Ball
Inflatable Beach Ball;; "Cacala" Turkish Towel Peshtemal Bathrobe
“Cacala” Turkish Towel

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