In honor of Throw Back Thursday, I’ve decided to bring back one of my favorite posts of all time from April 2011. It’s an oldie but still holds true. And it makes me really, really want to finally order a FitBit.

Fitbit Force Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband; Etsy Stalkers; FitBit;
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So without further ado, I bring back to you…

Last night I found myself shopping online for a full-coverage spandex-lined bathing suit. What am I, 60? No offense mom.

Enough is enough. I’m back on the eating healthy and exercising bandwagon as of now. OK, now. Seriously now. I’m counting on all of you to stop me if you see me about to dive into a vat of Nutella.

drywell;; ice cream art; ice cream cone; icecream diagram

Fortunately, there are etsy sellers out there like Drywell who have a great sense of humor about food. This pretty much sums up a hot dog in my mind (which is why I won’t eat them anymore).

drywell;; hot dog art; hot dog diagram; hot dog mystery; weiner

This one just made me laugh. Not LOL. Just L. And it sort of took my mind off of food, and lack there of it, for like a millisecond.

drywell;; milionaire voice; money sign

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