Throw Back Thursday: I saw a teenager waiting for the school bus today and it scared me.

Yep, it’s already Thursday. The eve of Friday. One of the most awesome times of the week. This week I’m bringing you waaaayyy back to 2012. I find this post pretty ironic as I just finished back-to-school shopping with my kids. This year my daughter discovered that store Justice, which means she’s five going on 15 years old. Just walking into that store gave me a headache (similar to the headache I get when walking into Bath & Body Works). But at least her clothes match, which is probably what the mom of the teenage son featured in the post below said. Oy vey.
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I saw a teenager waiting for the school bus today and it scared me.

No really, I didn’t want to make eye contact with him because I was a tad freaked out by his appearance. Darren even asked me if the guy was a statue (no joke). Ummm no, apparently that’s going to be you in 10 years. Is this what I have to look forward to with my kids? Don’t they just stay cute, dress in clothes that I’ve approved and go to over-priced kid hair salons? After seeing this kid, I’m assuming not.

Since I now realize that the control I have over my kids is limited, I’m going to force them to wear cute cloths from Gymboree, Tea Collection and Sewn Natural until they fight back. And then I’ll just ground them.




And then I’ll really, really ground them if I find out they’re sneaking out from the first grounding. Ugh, even I can’t take my parenting skills seriously.




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