This weekend I attended a Roller Girl match. Oh boy.

Ira Red | $50
Have you ever been to one of these? No? Let me sum it up:
(1)Ladies on roller skates
(2)Men with mullets
(3)Women with mullets
(4)Women skating in circles while pushing and shoving each other
(5)Food on sticks
(6)Alcohol but no glass bottles
(7)Various men in top hats
(8)Various girls in patterned tights
In conclusion, it was pure Saturday night people-watching awesomeness (in my opinion, a very close second to the Georgia State Fair).
Not only was attending the match fun, it also inspired me to hunt down some roller skates for myself. It always about me, right? Well lucky for you I found multiple Etsy shops that sell vintage roller skates.
Now we can all meet at the rink and push each other. Or just go for a nice skate around the ‘hood. Whichever.

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