This morning I sucked face with a Venti Americano. True story.

And it felt good because this is how my morning went:
5:20 AM Taylor wakes up and is scared or something having to do with needing to come into our bed.
5:40 AM Taylor wakes up Darren (did I not mention we have to share a bed with him during our home renovations) because she cant get comfortable and needs my arms completely around her.
5:45 AM Taylor and Darren are full on playing, jumping and screaming. On our heads.
6:30 AM Darren calms down enough to help pack his lunch, eat breakfast and get ready for school.
7:20 AM I drop off Darren at school and head to Crossfit (brag).
8:45 AM I suck face with a Venti Americano.
9:10 AM I get to work late (despite the fact that I have been up for four hours).
Yeah, all of that happened before 9:15 in the morning. And dont even get me started on what I have to do before getting to temple by 6:30 PM for Yom Kippur.  What does this mean to you? Not a whole lot. I just really like to complain.
If youre life is like mine, I highly suggest investing in one of these awesome dry erase calendars from UniquelyMade Designs to keep up. Im actually considering buying five.
Do you think my kids would sleep later if I wrote it on the calendar? Me either.  Which is why Im about to make out with an espresso.
As a side note, If youre celebrating Yom Kippur I wish you a meaningful fast.

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