This month’s Stitch Fix. Really cute clothes. Really bad pictures.

A shopper I am. A picture-taker I am not. Even though my pics are terrible, I really wanted to share this months Stichfix that arrived the other day.
 I’m not really sure why I’m always taking pictures of the box, but I am. The logo is so stikin’ cute.
Here are the clothes I didnt keep (most because I didnt need them).

 Heres the top I did keep (because I NEEDED it).
By the way, I received tons of compliments when I wore this shirt over the weekend (not that I would wear a shirt two days in a row). Ahem.
If you havent tried this personal shopper experience out yet, you should because its obvious you need new pants. And it’s free.

3 thoughts on “This month’s Stitch Fix. Really cute clothes. Really bad pictures.”

  • I love Stitch Fix, but it’s not truly free. They charge a $20 credit for each month, so if you decide not to keep anything, you’re still out $20 (significantly more than a standard shipping cost). It’s a reasonable fee, but not “free.”

  • That is true about the $20 styling fee. I guess I end up buying one thing every month so it seems free 🙂

    Hope you get off the waiting list soon!

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