This blog practically writes itself, you seriously can’t make this stuff up.

So on this beautiful and crisp fall day, I had this magical idea of taking my family apple picking. In my mind we would be singing songs together the entire way up, creating wonderful family memories as we race around the apple orchard, and then head home to bake apple pies.

In reality, we got lost and drove around the North Georgia Mountains for three hours listening to the kids crying, “I have to pee!”, “I need apples!” and “I need to pee!” over and over again. In the end we turned around and went home – without ever seeing the apple-picking place.

Hey, these are the memories my kids will one day share with a therapist. At least we’re giving them a lot of material to work with.

Since today is up there as one of my biggest FAILs of all time, I’ve decided to make it up to myself with delicious candy apples from The Atomic Apple. These work well because I’m not actually responsible for picking them.

Hellloooo lover. You’re pretty and delicious. You need to get in my belly.

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday – or at least one that was better than mine. It’s a good thing it’s Wine Time.

3 thoughts on “This blog practically writes itself, you seriously can’t make this stuff up.”

  • hahhaa..that is exactly what happened to us..we drove up, got lost, kids were going nuts and we went home. Good memories!

  • Oh hilarious girl, GPS? Maybe? No? Okay. These apples look kind of delicious/kind of like I would vomit. Not sure which, both are good options. Now I’m sad I have no wine.

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