Things I didn’t have to say on the car ride home because my kids are staying at the beach with my parents this week…

Oh yeah, you heard that right. No kids for five whole days. This means that yesterday Gary and I enjoyed the first long car ride home without them in six years.
The following are things we didn’t have to say (scream) during the road trip (although sometimes we did yell them out just for fun):

Hands to yourself.

Feet to yourself.

Hands out of your nose.

No, we’re not there yet.

Keep driving Gary.  I don’t care if we run out of gas. If the car slows down, she’ll wake up and never go back to sleep for the rest of our lives.

There’s absolutely nothing I can do about the juice you spilled all over yourself.

No I cannot squeeze between your car seats and hold your hands for the next four hours.

Sorry Taylor, but I can’t reach your doll in the trunk, under four suitcases.

Who just threw a shoe at my head?

It was heavenly. And while we do really, really miss the kids already, I figure there’s no point in leaving them if we can’t enjoy our time. So I guess I’m forced to go out with my friends, get a manicure, go to the bathroom by myself, eat a meal in silence with Gary, sleep in, and, well you get the idea. We’re going to relish in our week alone.
P.S. If you are in fact travelling with your kids this summer, you must purchase one of these seatbelt pillows from Big Red Barn because maybe, just maybe your kids will sleep.

3 thoughts on “Things I didn’t have to say on the car ride home because my kids are staying at the beach with my parents this week…”

  • I used it for my four year old daughter who unfortunately was having trouble falling asleep in the car, since she is on a booster seat now. She loves it! She is able to rest her head comfortably and take her short naps in the car.


  • Might be my favorite post of yours ever. This is EXACTLY what I sounded like during our 6 hour car ride this past weekend. The one about not slowing down for gas is exactly what I say to Aaron!

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