The problem with it getting light so early in the morning is people can see me at the bus stop.

I’ve spent the entire year getting away with rolling about of bed and dragging myself to the school bus. Until today when I realized that it was light enough for my neighbors to see me when driving by.
Let’s just say I will be getting up a few minutes earlier tomorrow to put on actual clothes. OK, let’s be real. I won’t be doing that. Instead I’ll be investing in one of these awesome robes from Under Wrapz Robes.
Is it weird to wear a robe to the bus? It’s a big  step up from what I’m usually wearing.
By the way, If you need me tomorrow I will be unavailable and at the filming of “ID Theft” (Universal Pictures) starring Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy and Amanda Peet. BRAG.

4 thoughts on “The problem with it getting light so early in the morning is people can see me at the bus stop.”

  • Although my school bus days ended a few years ago, we mothers would always tease that we should have a Mothers of the Morning fashion show. It would have been hilarious.

  • I used to drive my son to school when he was a little boy. Other Moms probably threatened to ground their kids when they misbehaved. Meanwhile all I had to do was promise to walk him in the front door of school. 🙂

    He’s graduating from high school next week. You’ll be surprised how badly you miss these mornings.

  • I go for the parka over the pjs look. I SWORE that I would never, ever, embarrass my kids like that. My dad wore a giant robe with a hood like a boxer wears into the ring. I demanded to be left off at the corner. Guess I lied.

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