The Pregnancy Pact and Sexting in Suburbia are my two new favs

Ummmm yeah, have you turned on Lifetime Movie Network recently? I hadn’t in about 10 years. Until Saturday. And then I got totally sucked into trashy moves with has-been actresses (no offense if you’re a has-been).

I literally spent four hours of my day watching The Pregnancy Pact and Sexting in Suburbia. My review? They’re very informative and apparently relevant.

Fortunately etsy always remains awesome with shops like Sugar Pop Boutique. Me likey.

And if you want, you can wear this ring while sexting. Or making a pregnancy pact. Look at me – hip and relevant all at the same time.

4 thoughts on “The Pregnancy Pact and Sexting in Suburbia are my two new favs”

  • it was a very scarring moment for me when fred savage starred in a lifetime movie (“no one would tell”) in which he abuses his girlfriend….aka the dj tanner actress. wonder years was never the same for me.

  • @katilda – i think the main actress was Six from Blossom. I didn’t want to mention it because of how it would age me. but you know about fred savage and dj tanner so you know all about it.

    @LG – please, please rename the ring 😉

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