The other night I was served a lobster that got up and walked across the table.

Here’s how the night went down:

(1) My friend and I decide to have a girl’s night out.
(2) We end up going to a super cool and inexpensive place to get foot massages (promise it’s not as sketchy as it sounds).
(3) Hunger strikes so we decide to try an authentic Vietnamese restaurant located close by.
(4) We can’t read the menu.
(5) Food ordered.
(6) Lobster with tail chopped off is served.
(7) The head and claws start walking across the table.
(8) We ask for lobster to be cooked.
True freaking story people. You can’t make this stuff up.

While I love a good fresh lobster, I fear I may be damaged for the time being. So for now I’m going to stick with pretend lobsters on cute clothes from MiniScallop.

And I swear, if this lobster gets up and walks across the table, I’m heading straight to the psych ward to turn myself in.

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