The Open Road. A Small Car. One Cry for Help.

Labor Day is right around the corner – which means vacation. With the kids. In a car. For hours upon endless hours. And we don’t have one of those fancy cars with TV’s in them. We drive old-school, listening to the sweet sounds of complaints.

I’m so relieved I found these awesome felt tic-tac-toe boards from Two Kazoos. They don’t take up a lot of space nor do they have small parts for my baby to shove down her throat. AND, they are totally easy on the eye (which is how I make most of my decisions).

And check out this awesome magnet. I absolutely love that she named it ‘Zombie of Indifference Magnet .’ Let’s hope Two Kazoos can overnight a game to me. It’s sort of an emergency.

Any travel tips? Do tell. I beg you.


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