The hubby has a man cold and a zit on his nose. Try not to be too jealous.

You must be wondering how I manage to pull myself away from him with all of his goopy runny nose mess. I truly have to hold myself back.

Speaking of boys, one of my stalkers asked me for help finding a gift for an 18-year-old male college freshman. Ummm…way to keep an etsy stalker on her toes.

This was a toughy but I think I found something he would like. How’s about gifting him some ‘business’ cards with his dorm room phone number on them from raw art letterpress ? Imagine how the girls will flock when he awkwardly hands them out at frat parties.

Or maybe an awesome poster featuring a quote from Pearl Jam? Helllooo, coolest guy in the stinky freshman dorms.

And don’t worry, if you happen to not be a male college freshman, raw art letterpress has stuff for you too. Like perhaps this awesome Dr. Seuss quote. Come to think of it, some college boys may be into this. Just sayin.

By the way, have you browsed Joss & Main yet? I’m sort of in lurve with it and I think you will be too. Now go forth, shop and stimulate the economy. That’s an order.

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