The hubby and his friends are starting an exclusive meat club.

Swear. Him and all of his buddies always complain how all the ladies have wine club (masked as book club), girls dinners, etc. So in order to even the playing field, they have now started a meat club. And it involves some sort of Groupon.

He’s all mine folks. Allll mine.

Personally I don’t eat meat, but I’m thinking that the meat club needs this print from Fifi du Vie to hang in the Meat Club meeting room.

Now I’m off to start a tofu club. Current membership: One.

1 thought on “The hubby and his friends are starting an exclusive meat club.”

  • OMG, last year my husband started Man Club to revolt against my various endeavors. Unfortunately since men are bad at organizing those kinds of things, he is the only member.

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