The Halloween Hangover

Too much candy. Too many cookies. Need to invest in fat camp and/or a moo-moo.

On a brighter note, it’s sweater season! The perfect time to cover up my belly that’s jiggly enough to put in a chip clip (not that I’ve tried – just use your imagination people). And sweater weather means mitten weather for the littles! Oh how I have dreamed of this day.

Thank you for my darling for making my dorky dream become my dorky reality.

Are you seeing these? Ack! Cuteness over load.

Looky loo, for my darling makes arm candy for moms. Or for women that are not moms. Or for men who like women’s clothes. Hey, I don’t judge.

By the way, I went to the mall this weekend and guess what I saw? Christmas decorations for christ’s sake.

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