The day of Julie is arriving soon (otherwise known as Mother’s Day)

The fantasy: I’m showered with gifts and praises then told to “go ahead and take the day off.”

The reality: I’ll have to remind the hubbie on Saturday why I’ve spent all day in the kitchen prepping for Sunday brunch. Once he realizes I’m hosting Mother’s Day brunch for the extended family, he’ll panic, ask me to watch the kids so he can “run an errand” (aka run around looking for a gift before settling on a gift card to Anthropologie.) It’s amazing how well I know him, right?

I’m guessing that there are more than a few last-minute husbands out there who will end up purchasing some sort of Pad or Pod. And once you receive your gift, you will of course need to purchase a cover from Puppy Dogs N Polka Dots.

Is it strange to change covers every day of the week? I seriously can’t decide on just one.

OK, I’m off to ‘remind’ the hubby to read my blog so he ‘remembers’ this Sunday is The Day of Julie.

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