Text of the day from a friend: When do kids learn to wipe their own F#@king Asses?

Oh how I wish I could answer that question. Those of you that have kids with that ability are living the freaking dream. And I hate you for it.

On the other hand, the day of love is rapidly approaching – you know the Hallmark holiday that guilts you into showing your love or making you feel like crap. Yeah for Valentine’s Day!

I’m thinking of sprucing up my house for the big day with these adorable decorations from Sewn Natural.

valentines day; valentines day gifts for him; valentines gifts; valentines wedding; valentines ideas, sewn natural And then I’m going to spruce up Taylor’s wardrobe with this dress. Sewn Natural pretty much has it all, except for the ability to train my kids how to wipe their own F#@king Asses.


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