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“Papa told me that he took his parent’s car to go buy milk one morning when he was a little kid.” – Darren

He ended the story with, “Can I drive to Starbucks if you’re not awake in the morning? Don’t worry because I won’t eat there—I’ll just bring it home in a paper bag.” I’m not sure if he’s a really good storyteller or I’m just super […]

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you’re totally unprepared.

Don’t worry, we’re all way behind. I blame it on today being the 100th day of school. My son’s homework for the big day actually stressed me out. And he’s 5.  I’m going to make it easy for you to look like mother-of-the-year. If you […]

Text of the day from a friend: When do kids learn to wipe their own F#@king Asses?

Oh how I wish I could answer that question. Those of you that have kids with that ability are living the freaking dream. And I hate you for it. On the other hand, the day of love is rapidly approaching – you know the Hallmark […]

I love being woken up at 4am on a Monday. Don’t you?

I’m kidding people. It sucks and frankly I’m not amused. To make matters worse, I was so tired this morning that I put a really ugly outfit on today. It’s really not a pretty picture – although I’m sure my coworkers are getting a kick […]

If all you need is love, why do most people feel like crap on Valentine’s Day?

So the other day, my 3.5 year old son says to me, “Thanksgiving is over. Hanukkah is over. Christmas is over. What do we do now?” Ummmm, hellooooo, we celebrate the Hallmark holiday Valentine’s Day. You know, the day that makes everyone feel like crap […]