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Valentine’s Day is almost here and you’re totally unprepared.

Don’t worry, we’re all way behind. I blame it on today being the 100th day of school. My son’s homework for the big day actually stressed me out. And he’s 5.  I’m going to make it easy for you to look like mother-of-the-year. If you […]

I just witnessed Dr. Ruth giving sex advice on The Doctors. Discuss amongst yourselves.

I just Googled it and she’s 84 years old. You go girl. I seriously wish all of you were watching this. There were actually diagrams shown. DIAGRAMS PEOPLE.   This is Valentine’s Day programming at it’s best. Or worst. Either way, Happy Hallmark Day. If […]

All in favor of eating say I. "I."

Here’s an idea, instead of getting your loved one something he/she/it will never use, get him/her/it something edible. Everyone likes to eat. Unless of course you are stuck wearing headgear all day. Do they even make kids wear headgear any more? Sorry, I digress. Anyhoo,Valentine’s […]

Is it Friday yet? Someone? Anyone?

Oh belly. Why do you hurt me so? It’s Monday – isn’t that punishment enough? Me no feel so good today. And for all of you out there wondering, I am accepting flowers, cards and donations. You know what makes me feel better? Shopping. More […]

“My mom likes her coffee juice”

Yesterday I picked up my son and he handed me his art project – a Valentine’s Day card. The assignment? Tell the teacher what you love about mommy. Now, my little guy sort of missed the mark on this assignment and told his teacher what […]