This is what I imagine goes through my 6 year old’s head as he gets ready for school every morning (particularly this morning).


getting ready for school;

Wake up!!” -Me

Is that my mom I hear? I’ll ignore her. Is that the sun I see? I’ll ignore it. Is that a blanket being pulled off of me? Nah. Is that my mom waking me again?  Oh look a bird flying outside my window. Hey there’s that toy.

Wake up!!” -Me

Is that my mom I hear? I’ll ignore her. I should find a shirt.  Oh there’s that book! I think I’ll get back into bed. The sun is really bright. I think I’ll pull the covers back over my eyes to block it out. Hey, there’s my flashlight!

Wake up!!” -Me

Is that my mom I hear? I’ll ignore her. Oh wait, I’m hungry so I’ll get up. Is this shirt clean or dirty? Oh look at that toy. Which superhero underwear should I wear today? Where’s my shirt that matches this underwear? I wonder what’s for breakfast? I think I’ll go wake Taylor up to ask her what she wants to eat.

Downstairs now!!” -Me

I’m hungry.  Hey, where’s my breakfast? Where are my shoes?  Oooops I forgot to brush my teeth so I need to go back upstairs. Gosh I’m hungry. Why is my mom still yelling for me? Did I do my homework? Where did I leave my backpack? I wonder what Noah and Parker are doing right now.

This bus is leaving in 30 seconds!!” –Me

How many seconds are in a minute? What time is recess today? I love tennis. Oh good mom has breakfast. Ugh, mom packed that in my lunch box today? I think I’ll slowly take it out and meticulously look for something that doesn’t exist in the pantry. I think I’ll cry because I can’t find what I want. Why is mom looking at me like that? I think I’ll go ask Taylor and remind her to wake up. Why is my mom beeping the horn of her car? Where did my shoes go?

Wait up mom! Why are you always rushing?” – Darren