First let me say that it’s been wayyyyyy too long since I’ve posted. For this I am sorry (not sorry). But I’ve really, really missed it so here I am just a girl asking my readers to love me (name that movie).

Anyhoo, this past week my kids have been at the beach with Grandma and Pappa while the hubby and I have enjoyed a childless week at home. #brag #quiet #cleanedouttupperware

So on one of these days after work I thought to myself, “Self…you haven’t been to a mall just to browse with no particular goal for oh…years.” And off I went, to a mall. To browse. And it was weird. And different.

The following are my observations:

Vintage Campbell-French Co Metal Grocery Shopping Cart, etsy blog, metal cart
Vintage Grocery Cart from Look What The Cat Dragged In

Malls don’t offer carts and it appears that I only shop at stores with carts. Target,  grocery stores, Marshall’s, etc. Where can I find a freaking cart? My arm hurts!





Do all stores have signature fragrances? I got a whiff of a new scent with every new store I entered.

Should I be buying fragrances?

perfume, etsy blog, fragrances, Pacific Perfumes
Floral Solid Perfume from Pacific Perfumes








Should I get a makeover at the makeup counter?

I’m on the first floor but the bathroom is on the third. WHY???

Just because I can fit into clothes in the Junior’s section, does it mean I should shop there? Is there an age cut off?

Are hot pink cropped pants a thing now?

Why are teenagers wearing crop tops in this air-conditioned mall?

Fork Knife Spoon Art, etsy blog, mall court, kitchen wall art,
Kitchen Wall Art by Daphne Graphics

Do they still give out free samples in the food court?

How do I get out of here?

Let’s just say the next day…I stuck to Target (and to shopping on Etsy.com of course).

Can’t. Stop. Wearing. Comfy. Pants. Send. Help.

I don’t know if it’s the rain, the couch that permanently holds the imprint of my butt or a perfect mixture of the two, but I seriously cannot drag myself out of the house today.

Fortunately, my extreme lack of motivation actually works in your favor, because I just found these awesome prints from Restyle Shop.These are seriously perfect for those hipster friends that got knocked up. We all have some of those friends, right? No?
restyle shop; etsystalkers.com; throwback thursday

This print just may be my all-time favorite. I just wish I was cool enough to own it.

restyle shop; etsystalkers.com; throwback thursday

Anyhooo, my kids are probably expecting some sort of dinner (so needy, right?) so I guess I better get off my butt and order Chinese food. Mother of the year people, mother of the freaking year.
restyle shop; etsystalkers.com; throwback thursday