5 Tips (And Tricks) To Get You Through Halloween

  1. If a house is handing out beer or wine, it’s for the parents.  I’m lucky because I live in that kind of neighborhood.
  2. Take photos first! I cannot stress enough how much of a hot mess your children will turn into as the night goes on. 5:00PM = Happiness and Excitement  8:00PM = Craziness and Screaming for more candy.
  3. It’s not too late to buy a costume.  One year in college I bought a pumpkin trash bag, tore a hole in it for my head and voila!
  4. Go to the houses on hills. Children tend to avoid these homes so when you show up, I guarantee you’ll be showered with candy. We live in a house on a hill so you can trust me on this.
  5. After your kids go to sleep, hide their most delicious candy in your mouth. Really it’s for their own good.

And just in case you were wondering, here are some of my favorite Halloween items!

ModCloth How To Speak Zombie Book Etsy Stalkers
Etsy Children’s Minion Hooded Towel Etsy Stalkers
Etsy Children’s Minion Hooded Towel 

Café Press Halloween Candy Tote Bag Etsy Stalkers

Ask and you shall receive. I stalked Halloween goodness on Etsy just for you.

Breaking news:
Get 15% off your entire purchase at Swamp Water Primitives by typing ‘etsystalkers’ in the coupon code box!
Celebrate Halloween 3d this year.
Any color combo available for only $16.00
Yesterday I asked for stalking suggestions on Facebook and the most popular request turned out to be Halloween décor. Let me just tell you, Halloween is in fact my most favorite holiday.
And it’s not just

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because we have a life-size creepy clown with blinky eyes that scares the bejeezas out of my husband. Although that is an added perk.

Decorate with handmade etsy items.
Candy corn with no calories! Three for $6
Sometimes I take the life-size creepy clown with blinky eyes and move it around the house to freak Gary out. One time I tucked him in bed so his head was resting on Gary’s pillow. Heh.
As you can see, it’s never too early to start spooking up your house, which is why I’m psyched I came across Swamp Water Primitives.
Oh no.
I seriously love these and not just because I plan on sticking them in Gary’s car door to freak him out. It’s because they’re handmade and no one else in your ‘hood will have the same stuff. Unless you and your neighbor both read this blog.
What are your favorite places to shop for Halloween?

Work. Work. Work. Sleep. Work. Coffee. Work. Eat. Work.

That’s a summary of my life these past few weeks. Not that I’m complaining but it sort of broke my heart when I was skyping with my son from the office last night and he said “come home soon mommy.” (I know, a real tearjerker, right?)
Banquet" Satin Tuxedo Wedding Bow Tie Pet Collar for Dogs and Cats, etsystalkers.com

earth day costume, silly buddy, etsy blog, etsy.com, dog bowtie, dog collar, halloween

Luckily, I found these adorable bow tie dog collars from Silly Buddy to turn my frown upside down. Seriously people. I. can’t. stand it. These are so cute, they could make even the stinkiest dog loveable (ahem Karma).
Amazon.com, Orange and Blue Cutting on Bias, Dog Bow tie, etsystalkers.com

earth day costume, silly buddy, etsy blog, etsy.com, dog bowtie, dog collar, halloween

Ooooops, that just reminded me. I don’t think I fed my this morning. Or the kids for that matter.

earth day costume, silly buddy, etsy blog, etsy.com, dog bowtie, dog collar, halloween

amazon.com, Dapper Dog Tuxedo Pet Costume, etsy blog, etsystalkers.com

Halloween is Coming. There I Said It.

Is it just me, or do you hate spending tons of money on Halloween costumes that literally get worn for one hour? Hello? Anyone? Just amuse me, please.

Sweet pea toad tots has pretty much come up with the best idea ever – costumes that can be worn over and over (or if you’re my son, over and over and over and over and over) again.

I bet your littles will love these so much they’ll want to wear them all winter. And if they don’t, just make them.

Are you kidding me Sweet pea toad tots? These are redunkulous.

And by the way, my son told me he wants to be a “Big Woody” for Halloween. Thank you Toy Story for providing endless hours of amusement for me.