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Note to self: Do not show your five-year-old a video of what’s going to happen when he gets his cast off.

Thanks for the suggestion Dr. Doom. I get the idea—to prepare him and all. But I now understand that watching a video of a scared kid having a saw come toward his arm is not so comforting. I think his exact words were, “I’m never […]

Taylor just informed me that “Peanut Butter “is a potty word because it has the words “Pee” and “Butt” in it.

Sign this three-year-old up for Law School because she has a point. Let’s just hope she gets a full scholarship to Harvard. No pressure. Heh. To reward Taylor for her innate ability to spot potty words within non-potty words, I gave her this awesome Nutcracker […]

I Doooooo…Want One of These

I Doooooo…Want One of These

When I got married, I HAD to have 12 margarita glasses, 9 spatulas and 1 lemon zester, among other ridiculous items that I absolutely, positively could not live without. And I have used these a total of zero times. OK, I’ve used the margarita glasses […]

You Say Potato. I Say Just Give Them To Me.

OK so maybe you gals (and guys – hey, I don’t judge) can’t relate to this but I HATE wearing heals. Hells yes I’m a material girl, but I’m also into shoes that won’t give me bunions (sorry grandma, but your feet ain’t right). Enter […]