I’m assuming you heard about the Snowpocalypse in Atlanta last week, right?

You know the one that made national news making our entire city look like complete idiots. People were stranded in their cars for hours, kids had to sleep at their schools and cars were abandoned all over the city. Well guess who was one of these lucky ones? Yep, yours truly.

I spent seven hours in my car and I only drove 20 miles. To be honest, the whole experience was hard to talk about for the first few days because I seriously think I was experiencing some sort of PTSD. After the seven hours, my car took a nice spin-aroo and we abandoned it. When we went back for it two days later, there was a truck in my car. So you can see how it wasn’t the best day. But now that I’m able to think about it again, I’d like to share what was going on inside of my head during those seven hours:

(1) What happens if you find yourself in an Alive situation and the only person to eat is yourself?

(2) I wonder if the dude in the car ahead of me has any extra diapers.

(3) I soiled myself (as did half of Atlanta). I don’t really think I need to go into more detail.

(4) I need to ration out one skittle per hour because that’s all I have to sustain myself.

(5) What is that man in the car ahead of me eating? Do you think he’ll share?

And now that I’ve been through a Snowpocalypse, this is how I plan stock my car in the future:

(1)  Pull-Ups or Depends

(2)  A change of clothes (ahem)

(3)  Sustainable snacks

(4) A Winter Lightning Sled

I tried to bribe a scout during baseball evaluations this weekend. True Story.

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What? It’s the league’s fault. I mean how was I supposed to know that baseball tryouts in first grade were so freaking serious. There were scouters, coaches and clipboards. It was the most stressed I’ve been in a while (Especially because my son hadn’t actually picked up a baseball bat since last spring. Ooops.)

So I did what any of you would do, I offered a good old-fashioned bribe. Unfortunately, the scout I talked to happened to be an upstanding citizen. Rude. How’s a mom supposed to advocate for her son anymore?

Assuming my son gets drafted (yes there’s an actual draft for first graders), I’m totally buying him a personalized baseball bat.

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 And I’m buying his coach a flask:

Etsy blog, personalized groomsmen gift, engraved flask, etsy.com, personalized baseball bat, little league draft By the way, the only reason my son actually wants to play baseball this spring is, “for the trophy.”  So that totally makes all the schlepping to and from practices and games worthwhile.

Need to stock up on little league essentials for your own baseball star? Check these out:

Amazon.com Rawlings Players Series 10.5-inch Youth Baseball Glove, Etsy blog
Rawlings Players Series 10.5-inch Youth Baseball Glove

Amazon.com, Rawlings Coolflo Metallic Batting Helmet, Etsy Blog
Rawlings Coolflo Metallic Batting Helmet

Amazon.com, Easton Jbb13S1 S1 Composite-12 Youth Baseball Bat, Etsy Blog
Easton Jbb13S1 S1 Composite-12 Youth Baseball Bat

Amazon.com, New Balance YB3000 Baseball Cleat, Etsy Blog
New Balance YB3000 Baseball Cleat

It’s a (NO) Snow Day in Atlanta. Send Help.

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You should see the media frenzy that builds around the possibility of snow in the South. There’s live coverage from the grocery store where people are stocking up on bread and milk. And of course schools are cancelled for fear of our children catching a cold. But wait for it…there’s no actual snow on the ground. Or in the air for that matter.

snow flake globe shake necklace gift etsy blog
Snow flake globe necklace from What A Novel Idea

It’s true, everything was cancelled because of cold air. And because of that, my kids are now staring out the window all day asking me when they can go sledding. I MUST to distract them. And I’ve decided to do so with one of these awesome snow(ish) globe necklaces from What A Novel Idea. Trust me, this is the only place they’re’re going see snow this winter.

etsy blog_New Year's Gold Glitter Snow Globe Shake Necklace Gift Metallic
Gold Glitter Snow Globe from What A Novel Idea

And for those of you who are experiencing large amounts of snow, here are some ideas to keep you occupied (all available with overnight shipping):

Amazon.com Qwirkle Board Game
Qwirkle Board Game

Amazon.com: Rainbow Loom
Rainbow Loom

Amazon.com Mountain Boy Sledworks Ultimate Flyer 52-Inch Sled
Mountain Boy Sledworks Ultimate Flyer 52-Inch Sled

Disneyland…The Happiest (?) Place On Earth…

I just returned from taking my kids to Disney for the first time (it was only my second time ever experiencing a Disney park) and boy was there amazing people watching. I wish I could of taken some pictures to share with you, but even I thought that would be rude (heh, heh). So instead I shall describe the people of Disney…

The Maker-Outers:  What is it about amusement parks that make people feel the need to make out? It’s the most unromantic atmosphere I know of, yet I counted at least three couples in every line that couldn’t stop sucking face. It’s just awkward for everyone.


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Custom Minnie Mouse Disney Autograph Book by Three Paper Tulips


The Parade Route Seat Hoarders: While trying to find a place to sit and watch the Disney Christmas parade with my two young kids, an ADULT woman ran over and nearly pushed me down while yelling, “I was just buying popcorn! Those are my seats…” Chill lady, chill.

Etsy blog,  Storybook Cinderella Prestige, Amazon.com
Storybook Cinderella Prestige


The Excessive Wavers: You know them. You may even be them. I in fact became one until I realized what I was doing. There I was, on the Disney train, when I found myself waving at strangers like some sort of lunatic. I can think of no other place where I would randomly start waving at a group of people I don’t know. (This also gives you insight into the fact that I have never participated in any sort of pageant. Obviously.)

Pretty Little City - Retro Disney Inspired Cross stitch embroidery, etsy blog
Retro Disney Inspired Cross stitch embroidery by Satsuma Street


The Photo Bomber (Definition: An otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph.): This was quite possibly my most favorite activity at Disney. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a mom coax her four kids into smiling for the camera and then sneaking into the background to make a funny face. By the way, I overheard a mom say to her teenage son, “Look like you’re having fun or I’ll punch you.” Ummmm, what would Mickey say about that?

Etsy Blog, Amazon.com, Disney Parks New DELUXE R2D2 Mickey Ears Hat
Disney Parks New DELUXE R2D2 Mickey Ears Hat

The early arriving, super strategic mom bloggers: OK, I first found out about this subculture while researching Disneyland. There are people out there who plan their entire trip down to the second. And then write about each one of these seconds. I think one of them actually tried to push me over when I took too long taking off my backpack in the inspection line at 7:45 AM. I totally get wanting to maximize time spent at the park, but I personally feel it takes some (all) of the magic out of the day if you’re literally running from ride to ride without taking time to let yourself get sidetracked…

And this, my friends, is a philosophy I live by.


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This morning Taylor woke me up with a tattoo on her forehead and a snickers bar in her mouth.

Etsy Handmade wall tooth brush holder Etsy Stalkers
Black Forest Cottage | Handmade wall tooth brush holder | Etsy
I think it’s time to hide the Halloween loot.  I mean it’s sort of hard to reprimand them when there may or may not be candy wrappers hiding under my pillow. Oooops.
Gymboree Gingerbread Cookie Footed One-Piece Pajama Etsy Stalkers
Gymboree Gingerbread Cookie Footed One-Piece Pajama 

Because my house can’t get the sugar consumption under control, I’m insisting on excessive tooth brushing after getting into their cozy pajamas at night. And then again in the morning. And possible five more times during the day.

Etsy Toothbrush Cup Holder Forked Up Art Etsy Stalkers
Forked Up Art | Toothbrush Cup Holder | Etsy
And as for me, I think I’m going to turn into one of those lunch brushers. You know the ones at your office. It’s always a tad awkward walking into the bathroom only to find a coworker flossing her back teeth.
Yep, that’s me. Judging you lunch brusher.

And just so you know, I’m also picking up some new pajamas from Layla Grayce.  Hey, they’re offering 15% off site wide through 11/8 with promo code HAPPYDAY.

5 Tips (And Tricks) To Get You Through Halloween

  1. If a house is handing out beer or wine, it’s for the parents.  I’m lucky because I live in that kind of neighborhood.
  2. Take photos first! I cannot stress enough how much of a hot mess your children will turn into as the night goes on. 5:00PM = Happiness and Excitement  8:00PM = Craziness and Screaming for more candy.
  3. It’s not too late to buy a costume.  One year in college I bought a pumpkin trash bag, tore a hole in it for my head and voila!
  4. Go to the houses on hills. Children tend to avoid these homes so when you show up, I guarantee you’ll be showered with candy. We live in a house on a hill so you can trust me on this.
  5. After your kids go to sleep, hide their most delicious candy in your mouth. Really it’s for their own good.

And just in case you were wondering, here are some of my favorite Halloween items!

ModCloth How To Speak Zombie Book Etsy Stalkers
Etsy Children’s Minion Hooded Towel Etsy Stalkers
Etsy Children’s Minion Hooded Towel 

Café Press Halloween Candy Tote Bag Etsy Stalkers

8 Must Have Items For Halloween…

Is it just me or is it all of sudden Halloween? It’s time to get to it people.
  1. Crazy 8 | Skeleton Sneaker
  2. Etsy |  Instant Downloadable Photo Booth Props
  3. Etsy  | 3 Primitive Halloween Candy Corn Bowl Fillers
  4. Modcloth | Riff You Please Tights
  5. Etsy | Thankful Glitter Burlap Banner 
  6. Crazy 8 | Sparkle Skeleton Two-Piece Pajama Set
  7. Modcloth | Skulls to Pay The Bills Bank 
  8. Etsy | Spooky Witch Shoes

Let’s talk Halloween.


Hedwig Costume | $80
How many costumes have you bought for your kids so far? My friend KAREN just emailed me that she’s on #3 for her adorable son (who can’t even talk yet so it’s obviously her issue 😉
She also emailed me a link to a menorah she wants to buy from Etsy and she’s not even Jewish so she may want to lay off the Friday night vino if you know what I mean.

–> Sleepy Owl Set | $34

Fortunately The Happy Hoot has tons of adorable costumes to choose from, making it easy to be as indecisive as KAREN.
My kids are the red and green Ninjagos. It’s kind of awesome having a tomboy daughter. What are your kids going to be? Are you dressing up?