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Opting Outside (And Away from My Family) Left Me Looking Within

Hi, hello, ahemm, etc. Yes, it’s me. The stalker. I realize it’s been a while.  I’ve neglected writing about my online stalking…but trust me, it’s been in full force. And it’s expanded wayyyyyy beyond etsy. I’ve now officially become an equal opportunity stalker. Hey, I […]

I’m assuming you heard about the Snowpocalypse in Atlanta last week, right?

You know the one that made national news making our entire city look like complete idiots. People were stranded in their cars for hours, kids had to sleep at their schools and cars were abandoned all over the city. Well guess who was one of […]

I tried to bribe a scout during baseball evaluations this weekend. True Story.

What? It’s the league’s fault. I mean how was I supposed to know that baseball tryouts in first grade were so freaking serious. There were scouters, coaches and clipboards. It was the most stressed I’ve been in a while (Especially because my son hadn’t actually […]

It’s a (NO) Snow Day in Atlanta. Send Help.

It’s a (NO) Snow Day in Atlanta. Send Help.

You should see the media frenzy that builds around the possibility of snow in the South. There’s live coverage from the grocery store where people are stocking up on bread and milk. And of course schools are cancelled for fear of our children catching a […]

Disneyland…The Happiest (?) Place On Earth…

I just returned from taking my kids to Disney for the first time (it was only my second time ever experiencing a Disney park) and boy was there amazing people watching. I wish I could of taken some pictures to share with you, but even […]