Note to self: Do not show your five-year-old a video of what’s going to happen when he gets his cast off.

Thanks for the suggestion Dr. Doom. I get the idea—to prepare him and all. But I now understand that watching a video of a scared kid having a saw come toward his arm is not so comforting. I think his exact words were, “I’m never getting this cast off. Ever.”

Since he plans on wearing this thing for the rest of his life, I’ve decided I need to buy some cast flair from Claire’s Cast Creations.
Sure his arm may start to decay from the inside out after a few years, but the cast will remain handsomely pretty. And truth be told,  appearances are all that matter in this world 🙂

Guess what? Proceeds from Claire’s Cast Creations will be used to donate kits to local children’s hospitals. Look good and feel good? Wednesday is lookin’ up.