Throw Back Thursday: Back to school = Mixing the pot of crazy

Yep, it’s already Thursday. The eve of Friday. One of the most awesome times of the week. This week I’m bringing you waaaayyy back to back-to-school time circa 2013. And in case you’re scrambling for back-to-school shopping like yours truly, check out my must-haves that can all be purchased from the comfort of your couch (where I know you’re currently sitting).
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Back to school = Mixing the pot of crazy

I’m super excited that my kids are back on a schedule with school this week. But along with first days come jitters, pencil sharpening and balancing schedules. And that doesn’t even refer to the kids. Honestly I feel like a total mess trying to keep up with everything involved in a new school year.

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Here are the things I’m currently stressing about:

(1) Making lunches. I MUST start the year off strong. But I’m weak and will most likely give up on Bento boxes and turn to the square jello served at the cafeteria by the end of the month.

(2) Getting to all of the Meet and Greets. There are about 1,000 of them. How many people can one person possibly meet and greet?

(3) Convincing my kids its not appropriate to dress in torn and stained summer t-shirts.

(4) Making a good impression on teachers. I want to appear helpful, approachable and involved while not looking like the overbearing and need to know everything mom that I really am. It’s a fine line people. Luckily I’m OK with bribing, which is why both of my children’s teachers will be receiving a morning mug.

(5) Extracurricular activities. Spanish club? Tennis? Tackle football? Chess? Boy Scouts? When I was in 1st grade I remember coming home from school and playing outside with dirt and sticks. And no, I didn’t grow up in a cave.

To stay on top of it all, this year I plan on writing everything down (novel idea) on one of these Super Mom Planners from Happy Organized Life. I feel less stressed just looking at these. One question though, do you think these planners come with a personal assistant who actually remembers to write things down?

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Is it really time to go back to school? Oh yes it is, thank gawd.

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Many people have been asking why I haven’t updated my blog recently, actually it’s just my dad asking but in my head I like to think that people all over the interwebs are just waiting for a blog post. Hi dad.

I wish I could tell you I’ve been traveling the world to places with no Internet connection but, no. I’ve been working a bunch and hanging with my kids at the neighborhood pool every spare moment we get. But now, all of a sudden it’s back-to-school time (a million moms are jumping up and down with glee about this.)

Fortunately I’m on vacation now (#brag) soaking up the last couple weeks of no homework, no packing lunches, no tests, no early morning buses, no me forgetting to do something for their classrooms, etc.
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Most of all, I want my kids to have the freedom to do nothing until school starts. As we (I) speak, they’re frolicking in a creek as I pray that they’re no snakes in said water. And earlier today they went on a rock slide over and over and over again. Man I love vaca. But all good things must come to an end #acidwashjeans and so I’ve collected a list of back-to-school must haves that can all be purchased online so you don’t have to pull your kids out of the creek to head to the dreaded mall. 

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