Before our trip to Peru I heard that one person usually gets really bad altitude sickness. Let’s just say that everyone we travelled with now uses the phrase, “Don’t pull a Julie.”

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Of course it was me who got sick. So immediately after travelling from Lima to Cusco (a city at a high elevation) I felt short of breath and dizzy. Now fast forward through a group lunch, a tour of churches and some small hikes through Inca ruins to getting back on the bus as the sun is setting.
Let’s just say it’s a good thing I had a large Ziplock bag with me (what, don’t you always carry one with you?)
Peru watercolor print | $20
Once I arrived back at the hotel, I was quickly met by an oxygen tank and immediately started to feel better. Or at least I tricked myself into feeling better when the words “Peruvian hospital” were spoken.

Now I will erase that ugly visual with these pretty ones from Anne Marissa. I really want the map of Peru featured above. P.S. I promise the rest of my Peru stories aren’t as gross.
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I’m climbing Machu Picchu. Send help.

About 7 months ago the hubby and I booked a dream getaway to Peru with some of our closest friends.  “Sure we can hike and camp for 4 days,” we said to eachother.
Of course we’ll train by hiking mountains.”
But here I stand about 10 days out from departure and no mountains have been climed. No seas have been swam/swum (jeez, what’s past tense of swim?) And I just found out LAST NIGHT that there will be no porter to carry my pack. The porter, in fact, is me.
Do you think it would be inappropriate to pull a rolling suitcase up Machu Picchu? Will I go to a Peruvian jail for rigging up a llama to carry my pack? These are all things that are going through my head right now.
You may be asking yourself, “Self? What has Julie been doing with her time while she should have been training?”
Well everyone, Julie (me) has been scoping out goods I’ll find in Peru which is how I became obsessed with these bags made out of Peruvian blankets from rebyc.
Who needs to train when you have a new bag?
Me I guess. Note to self: start training.

Movies I will never ever watch: The Last Exorcism (Part 75), Dark Skies and Sinister

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Oh and what’s that one where the girl kept whispering “I’ll never tell…” in the preview? I’ll never see that one either. Why are there so many of these movies? Is there really such a huge market for exorcisms? I much prefer movies that have plots that don’t involve removing the devil from within. But hey, that’s just me.

I like comedies. Sometimes even dramas.  And I’ve even been known to enjoy a romantic comedy. I also enjoy these awesome movie posters from Monster Gallery. What’s not to like?
They’re simple, graphic and don’t involve the devil. Most likely because it’s really hard to letterpress an exorcism but I’ll take it.

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