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21 Day Cleanse: The Dramatic Conclusion!

  Helloooo everyone. You may (or may not) have noticed that I stopped posting about the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse about a week ago. Don’t worry, I didn’t quit, I just didn’t have too much to share as far as the day-to-day info. But now […]

CRAZY SEXY DIET: Days 11 & 12

I made it through another weekend on the  Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse (two down and one to go)! In summary I feel awesome and want to share some new websites I’ve been checking out for some inspiration (can we say food porn?!): Oh She Glows […]

Crazy Sexy Diet: Day 10

Double digits people, can you believe it? I’m officially halfway through the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse and I can’t believe how much better I feel. My sugar cravings are pretty much gone! Yesterday, one of Etsy Stalkers’ readers asked me to share the recipe for […]


What up Day Nine of the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse? How you doin’? I’m doing pretty darn good myself (thanks for asking). First of all, I would like to reiterate how much those gluten-free fries tore up my stomach last night. I’m completely amazed about […]

Crazy, Sexy Diet: Days Seven

One week people. One freaking week that I’ve been doing the Crazy Sexy Diet Cleanse. And it’s also Earth Day so basically I am one with the earth (or something like that).  So this morning I actually ordered ¼ caffeinated coffee at Starbucks. Crazy, right? […]